Содержание №1(32) 2006 - страница 6

MolokF.A. (Moscow). Scientific and pedagogical activities and life of the historian Alexander Ivanovich Molok.

^ Ending 37

Ending of the reminiscences, published in the previous issue. The son of well-known Soviet historian,

F.A. Molok tells about the military and postwar periods of the activity of the scientist in Leningrad, Saratov

and to Moscow.

Keywords: biography, historians, memoirs,1940-s, 1950-s

Pyatnitskiy V.O. (Saint Petersburg). Exploit «of Maxim» 45

The last battle of Tamara Khakhlynova 46

^ The author - son of well-known Soviet party worker I. Pyatnitskiy - in his two documentary essays tells about

the little-known facts of the history of World War II.

Keywords: 1940-s, 2nd World War, partisans, scouts, military history.


Volkov V.V. (Saint Petersburg). Problem of the phasic nature of public evolution in the domestic

historiography 49

The author analyzes the transactions of historians, politicians, political scientists, philosophers whose works

were published in the different years of the XXth centure.

^ In the article, the numerous opinions of domestic researchers are compared, who worked «in three epochal

foreshortenings»: in the pre-Soviet, Soviet and post-Soviet periods.

Keywords: historiography, problem of the phasic nature of public evolution , philosophy of the history/

Novikova L.I, (Saint Petersburg). Ship-books collections in the Naval Library... 55

Based on data of two Naval archives, and also Russian and foreign historiography, the author traces the

dynamics of development of one of the largest libraries in Russia.

Keywords: archive-studiing, library, naval history, historiography

Matveyeva L.D. (Ufa). Domestic historiography of the problem of the nation-state determination of borders.

(based on the example of the autonomous formations of average Volga Region and Priuralyy in the 1920-

30s) 59

Based on the example of Russian publications of the years 1920-2000, the author proves, that the domestic

authors, until now, has not developed the unity in the estimations of the activity of the Bolshevik Party in

this matter.

Keywords: historiography, 1920-s, 1930-s, Volga Region, region of the Urals, state determination of borders


Fedorov I.A. (Saint Petersburg). «The prayer Of Jesus from Nazareth»: the expectation of favor or the

program of the conversion of the life 66

Article demonstrates the experience of the sociopolitical interpretation of the new testament. The direct object

of examination is so-called «Prayer of Jesus from Nazareth», being contained in the canonical gospels

from Mathew and Luke. The reconstruction of the historically real content of the theses of «Prayer» makes

it possible to present it as the unique analog of «public agreement».

Keywords: The Bible, source studies, Jesus, religion, sociology, law

Polyshchuk I.S. (Tver). Historical labor of Anna Komnina «Alexiada» as a resource on the history of XI—Xf I

centuries (basic special features of the historical method of the Byzantine writer) 72

^ The article was edited many years ago, but it has been published for the first time. The original thoughts of the

author laying as its basis formed the structured system of views after the two-year-old thorough study of

the text of «Alexiada», containing about 400 pages.

Keywords: source studing, Byzantium, XI century., XII century., the Comnens

Levin D.E. (Saint Petersburg). Unpublished obituary of captain Vs.L. Modzalevskiy in the division of

manuscripts of the Russian national library 84

^ In the publication the complete text of obituary by V. Larionov is led, apropos of death in January 1936 of the

seaman and the researcher of the Arctic Vs.L. Modzalevskiy. Thorough opening chapter by D.E. Levin

precedes the text of the obituary. His commentaries to the text of the obituary are of special interest.

Keywords: source studing, obituary, biography, 2nd half of XIX century, 1910-s, 1920-s, 1930-s, naval history


Baranov A.V. (Saratov). Iran: the sunset «of the epoch of reforms»? 93

On the basis of the study of numerous materials from the Internet as well as of the Russian and foreign

historiography, the author makes a number of the important conclusions regarding the prospects of

development of Iran and its interrelations with other countries.

Keywords: Middle East, Iran, 2000-s, economics, international relations.

Dorfman M. (Jerusalem). The Holocaust - is this funny? 101

In the historical-psychological article, on the basis of the study of the historiography of the different countrit, and of anecdotes preserved in people's memory, a number of important conclusions is done, leit-motif i which is the appreciation of the joke, optimism under the extreme conditions of the survival of Jews in щ different periods of history.

Keywords: 2nd World War, century, humour, Halacaust, the Jews.


Kameneva E,A. (Saint Petersburg). Order of shaping of the clergies of Petersburg churches in the 1860s…..114

After introducing into the scientific circulation numerous documents from the funds of the Russian stai

historical archive, the author focuses attention on the attempts of the secular authorities to subordinat

parochial clergy to their in order to make them serve national interests.

Keywords: 2nd half of xviii century., history of church, history of everyday life, history of Russia

Vyarya E. (Tallinn). On the actions of English-French fleet against the coastal inhabitants of Baltic province

and Finland during the years of the Crimean War 118

^ Relying on Estonian, Finnish and other historiography, the documents of the historical archive of Estonia, thi

author asserts, that the effectiveness of the blockade of coastal areas in the Baltic sea by English-Frencl

fleet in the period of the Crimean War was great, and the role of Russian fleet in a change in tht

situation - minimum.

Keywords: 1850-s, international relations, naval history, France, England, Россия, Crimean war, history of Russia, military history

Grigoryev S.I. (Saint Petersburg). Court censorship - first PR- service in the history of Russia 125

^ On the basis of the study of the published documents, the summing up of the results of his own studies, ana

also the analysis of documents from funds of the Russian state historical archive and the manuscripts

division of the Russian national library, the author comes to conclusion that in the late XlXth century, the

first experiment of the successful collaboration of press and authority in the sphere of state PR-service

appeared in Russia.

Keywords: XIX century, the court, censorship, the Romanovs, history of Russia

Zhuravlev A.A. (Saint Petersburg), Khitrov A.A. (Kaliningrad). Charity of Romanovs's house in the XlXth -

early XXth centuries 128

Relying on published sources at the turn of the XlX-XXth centuries and also archive materials, the author

notes that charitable departments and committees on the care of the representatives of the House of

^ Romanov, made a large contribution to the all-Russian charity.

Sitnichenko K.E. (Miass). Russian «zarubezhje» (far and near abroad) - the Russian culture: problem of the

integration 131

On the basis of Soviet, post-Soviet historiography, as well as the Russian-language foreign historiography, the

author makes conclusion about that, that entire literature, left in the Russian language in the USSR and

abroad, is united cultural phenomenon.

Keywords: XIX century, 1910s, 1920s, the Romanovs, history of everyday life, history of Russia, charity

Morozov S.D. (Penza). Migrations of the population of Russia in theXX-th century 139;

In the article large generalizations are done, based on the published statistical materials and domestic


Keywords: XX century, history of Russia, social history, migrations, regions


Lyubichankovskiy S.V. (Orenburg). The projects of Ural governors of the province reform in Russia (late

XlX-th - early XX-th century) 150

Using materials of the archives of Petersburg, Bashkirya and Orenburg, the author asserts that regional

management had the solidarity of views on questions of state administration.

Keywords : XIX century., XX century, region of the Urals, history of administrative institutions, past of the regions of Russia

Tagirdzhanova A.N. (Saint Petersburg). The way in the late XlX-th century The Ministry of Internal Affairs

assigned Orenburg mufti and why real state councilor Ibragimov did not become one 157

^ Numerous archive documents are introduced into the scientific circulation, giving idea about the religious

situation among the Moslems in the regions of Ufa and Orenburg.

Keywords: islam, 2nd half of XIX century., religion, past of the regions of Russia, the Tatars

Cherkasov A.A. (Sochi). To a question about periodization of Civil War on the Kuban and the Black Sea

(1917-1922) 16'1

^ Using materials of the archives of Moscow, Novorossisk, Krasnodar as well as the periodicals of the early

Soviet regime and a number of other local publications, the author proves the Civil War in the region of

Kuban and the Black Sea to take place in 1917-1922.

Keywords: Civil war, 1910-s,1920-s, question about periodization, past of the regions of Russia, Kuban

Alekseyev T.V. (Saint Petersburg). Development by the electrical engineering industry of Leningrad the

means of connection for the Red Army in 1920-30-s 165

^ Introducing into the scientific circulation numerous archive documents, the author asserts that the cradle of

Russian electrical engineering industry was Petersburg of the late XlX-th centure. This made it possible to

place the basis of further development of the electrical engineering industry of Leningrad, worked to a

considerable extent in the interests of the Red Army.

Keywords: past of the regions of Russia, 1920-s, 1930-s, history of industry, history of science and technology, Leningrad

lordanishvili E.K. (Saint Petersburg). Civilian working in the epic studies and the mastery of the North and

North-east of the USSR in the 1920-70-s 172

^ The author fights for the perpetuation of the memory of civilian workers, made an enormous contribution to the

mastery of the north in the years of the Soviet regime.

Keywords: past of the regions of Russia, XX century, social history, exploration of the North, history of industry


Kurepin A.A. (Saint Petersburg). Branch scientific research establishments of Leningrad in 1933-1937: in the.
national-economic maintenance regime 176

Relying on numerous information from Petersburg archives, the author analyzes the strong and weak points of

the activity of Leningrad scientific research establishments in the mid- 1930s.

Keywords history of science and technology, 1930-s, past of the regions of Russia, Leningrad

Sudarikov A.M. (Saint Petersburg). Soviet defense science and the management of the country in 1945-

1960 181

^ Based on the data of the domestic historiography of the two recent decades, the author comes to a conclusion

that the ambition of the Soviet leaders turn the country into a super-power were being achieved due to the

limitations in the standard of living of the Soviet people.

Keywords: XX century, history of the USSR, history of science and technology, defense science


Konorev V.V. (Saint Petersburg). Officer corps of the Russian army on the eve of the revolution in Russia

(1914-1917) 187

The author attempts to determine place and role of Russian officers in the political life of Russia during the

First World War.

Keywords :1910-s, military history, social history, officers, organizations

Kravchuk V.R. (Saint Petersburg). Steps on the introduction of alternative service in the state - the forced

measure for the realization of religious rights and freedoms of the reservists of the Russian Empire of the

late XlX-th - early XX-th century 192

^ Analyzing extensive archive documents, the author shows the activity of the Russian state in attracting to the

military service heterodox, old believers and sectarians.

Keywords: 2nd half of XIX century, 1910-s, 1920-s, military history, history of church, sects.

Kirmel N.S. (Moscow). Personnel of the white guard counter espionage: the problem of selection and

arrangement 197

^ After introducing into the scientific revolution the numerous materials of central Russian archives, contributor

proves, that the leaders of the White motion underestimated the role of special services for the national


Keywords :Civil war, 1910-s, 1920-s, White Guard, military history, special services

Kurmyshov V.M. (Saint Petersburg). The Military- preparatory schools of the Red Army in 1920-1931 204

^ Using information of central Russian military archives, the author proves that in the first years of the Soviet

regime the useful experience of the activity of the military- preparatory schools of the Red Army was

accumulated, appearing kind of modification of the military schools of Russian army.

Keywords: military history, the Red Army, education, 1910-s,1920-s.


Pryakhin Yu.D. (Saint Petersburg). Geronimo Vitali: action in the Aegean sea as part of the Russian Navy in

1770-1775 209

The article contains life story of the Creek J. Vitali who became the officer of the Russian Navy; archive

documents are published connected with his name, stored in the funds of the Russian Public Archive of

^ Navy.

Keywords биография, военная история, флот, иностранцы в России, XVIII в

Mitrofanov V.V. (Nizhnevartovsk). S.F. Platonov in the chapter of the female pedagogical institute 212

At the basis of article about the activity of well-known Russian historian, headed higher educational institution,

the materials of the funds for the division of the manuscripts of Russian national library lie.

Keywords historians, biography, education, 2-nd half of XIX century,1st half of XX century

Belyakov I.P. (Saint Petersburg). S.N. Timirev- participant in the defense of Port Arthur 224

^ After studying the documents of central and local archives as well as a number of little-known publications, the

author narrates about the setvice, stay in the captivity and the return to the Rossian Navy of Lieutenant

S.N. Timirev.

Keywords биография, Russian-Japanese war, 1900-s, naval history

EylbartN.V. (Chita). Researcher of Transbaykal Aleksey Kirillovich Kuznetsov (1845-1928) 229

^ The article tells about the life and scientific activity of the founder of archaelogical studies in Transbaykal

A.K. Kuznetsova. Archive documents and little-known historiography are used.

Keywords: archeology, regions, historians, Transbaykal, biography.

Stein M.G. (Saint Petersburg). Lenin sings about Lenin 234

The article tells about a number of curious episodes from the life of St.Petersburg - Leningrad resident of.

N.N. Lenin, connected with his famous surname.

Keywords: humor, Leningrad.


Berdinskikh V.A. (Kirov). On the origin of Cyril and Methodius 242

In the article the information about the history of life and activity of the outstanding Slav enlighteners of Cyril and Methodius is resumed

Keywords: Byzantium, XVII century, source studies, church works


Nikolayev D.A. (Nizhniy Novgorod). Opinion of official opponent about the thesis by N.V. By Starikova «The

formation of historical knowledge and its propagation in the XVIII century Russian society» 248

The thesis is appreciated in the review, a number of observations given being of debatable nature.


Raul. (Lubeck, Germany). «Great-grandfather, mum and I» 250

The publication contains the fragment of the future book, which is being prepared for the press by the great-granddaughter of N. Danilevskiy, an outstanding Russian scientist.



Kharchenko I.N. (Irkutsk). Review of the book S.V. Guzenkov «Essays on the history of the transport mastery

of Lena-Vitim area (1860'- 1917)» 251

In the review it is noted, that a research work prepared on the base of extensive archive materials is of

undoubted interest from the point of view of a study of the economic development of Eastern Siberian

regionas well as with relation to the development of its urban transportation.

Gogun A.S. (Saint Petersburg). Tanks instead of the bread 255

In the polemical review of the monograph by O.N. Ken «Mobilization planning and political solutions (late

1920- mid1930-s)», its thorough historiography base is appreciated as well as the prospect of the author,

possessing the potential of the preparation of new monograph about the estimation of mobilization

possibilities in the USSR of the 1930s.

Fedorov N.V. (Saint Petersburg). Review of the book by D.V. Likharev «Admiral Andrew Cunningham. Fight

of Great Britain for the supremacy in the Mediterranean in first half of theXX-th century» 258

In the review, it is noted, that the monograph by D.V. Likharev written from the objective positions, in

possession of a good style and based on the sufficiently wide circle of sources, is a worthy contribution to

the Russian historiography of Navy and World War II.

SCIENTIFIC LIFE Congratulations to the celebrant

R.Sh. Ganelin is 80 years old 260

In the letter of congratulation the noticeable contribution of the corresponding member of RAN (Russian

Academy of Science), the member of the editorial board of the periodical for the scientists «Clio»

R.Sh. Ganelin to the development of the Russian historical science is denoted.

Scientific conferences took place 260

Theses recently defended 262